Where does the driver stores informations when creating DSN?

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2020-10-10 15:47

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  2020-10-08 23:33
When I create a system DSN using ODBC driver, username is stored somewhere so that, when I try to change it, previous user is automatically prompted as soon as I choose database name, and it's impossible for me to use a different user, also if I delete the DSN and recreate it. I can change server ip and port, but not the username. Where does the driver stores informations? Thanks

Any DB setting will be stored in dmconfig.ini, and you can add DB Name, modify user name/password, IP, port and so on in dmconfig.ini.
You can choose DB name in combox when creating ODBC DSN, and don't need to modify user name/password, IP, port.
Certainly, you can modify DSN name there.

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