How to restore table with another table name from Full Backup? (DBMR3188)

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2020-04-23 04:13

It is not easy to support restore table with another name from a full backup. Maybe we need to support more unload syntax to support it. Here is an alternative workaround using SQL command without full backup.


1. Unload table to the file previously.

dmSQL> unload table from table_name to file_name;

2. Load table from the file.

dmSQL> load table from file_name;

3. If you want to rename the table, type below command.

dmSQL> alter table rename table_name to new_table_name;


We provide another workaround. Dmrestoretb is a tool which can restore table by full backup. From version 5.4.3, we add a new feature to restore table with target name. If you want to know the detail usage of dmrestoretb, open cmd or terminal, go to dbmaker/5.4/bin directory, and type dmrestoretb. Enter below command to restore table_name to target_name.


> dmrestoretb db_name table_name -t target_table


Version: 5.4.3

Product: Normal/Bundle

Platform: Windows/Linux

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