How to upgrade License for DBMaker?

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2016-03-09 10:26

Upgrade license can increase the number of concurrent users when you purchased DBMaker.You can upgrade license after you received your upgrade license serial number. Follow the directions below.

Windows platforms

    1. Select Programs from the Windows Start menu, select the DBMaker program group, and then choose Upgrade. The upgrade program will start.

    2. Click the License button to show the current license information. Click OK to return to                   upgrade program.

    3. Click the Next button. The CASEMaker End-User License Agreement will appear.

    4. Read the End-User License Agreement carefully and click I Agree if you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement. The CASEMaker Product Activation Introduction will appear.

    5. Click the Next button. The Product Activation will appear.

    6. Enter the upgrade serial number and proxy information in the appropriate locations, and click Next. The Activation Information dialog box with Installation ID will appear.

    7. Click OK if the upgrade program can access the internet. If the activation process correctly, it will show "Your product is now activated". If the activation process fails, please save the Installation ID and then follow the instruction on the Activation Information dialog box to manually activate the product.

    8. Click OK button.  The Support Information dialog box will appear. Contact information for CASEMaker Technical Support will be displayed.

    9. To exit, click Finish. Use the new license number the next time you start DBMaker.

Linux platforms

    1. Change your working directory to the /APP_HOME/bin directory. This directory contains the upgrade program you will use to upgrade your current license serial number.

    2. Execute the upgrade program. The upgrade program will start and present you with several options.

    3. Select the second option: Product Activation. The CASEMaker End User License Agreement appears.

    4. Read the End User License Agreement carefully. Continue to the next step if you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the agreement.

    5. Type the upgrade serial number and proxy information when prompted. Type 'A' and press Enter if your computer can access the network. Or type 'M' and press Enter to see the Installation ID and the instruction about how to manually activate the product.

Networks disconnect:

You can upgrade license via following directions if your internet access is unavailable or the activate option fails.

Please save the installation ID first, then copy to using a computer with Internet access and click Submit button. You will receive an activation.dat file. Copy this file into C:\DBMaker\5.x\ on the original computer to complete DBMaker activation.

Version: DBMaker 4.x, 5.x

Product: Normal, Bundle

Platform: Windows, Linux

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