Does the order of the lib files matter when you build the wrun32.dll?

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2016-03-08 08:03

 In AcuGT5.x, if adding the DCI libraries in the following order: dmapi50.lib dmacu52.lib and dmdcic.lib (make sure the dmapi50.lib is the first one of those 3 lib files), run the COBOL program without any error. But in AcuGT6.x, the same order of lib files may result in errors. However, if building wrun32.dll with the lib files in the following order: dmacu52.lib, dmdcic.lib and dmapi50.lib (dmapi50.lib is the last one), you can run ACU COBOL program without any errors.

It is because AcuGT 5.x and 6.x are different version; 6.x may have some specialties on checking order of link libraries. DBMaker DCI has not done any changing on this part.

The problem should be related with different AcuGT versions.

In addition, the two versions use different methods to build wrun32.dll: AcuGT5.x uses the wrun32.mak file, and AcuGT6.x uses wrun32 VC++ 6.0 project (wrun32.dsw).

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