Why does the error occur sometimes when using cursor update in the ESQL application?

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2016-03-07 05:07

For example:

We have a table with schema:

dmSQL> def table card1;

create table SYSADM.CARD1 (


 DD  INTEGER not null,

 EE  CHAR(1) not null,

 FIRSTNAME  VARCHAR(30) not null,

 LASTNAME  VARCHAR(30) not null  ,

 TITLE  VARCHAR(30) default null ,

 BMP  LONG VARBINARY default null )

 in DEFTABLESPACE  lock mode page  fillfactor 100 ;

alter table SYSADM.CARD1 primary key ( NUM, DD, EE, FIRSTNAME);

Then write the ESQL/C code:

EXEC SQL declare scroll_cursor scroll cursor for

      select Num,dd,ee,LastName, FirstName from Card1

      where NUM < 9 order by EE,NUM, DD,FIRSTNAME 

      into :Num, :LastName :indvalue, :FirstName :indvalue

      for update of LastName;

The above ESQL/C code returned the error.


When use cursor for update, there are two limitations:

  1. The columns included in the ORDER BY clause must be the index.
  2. If there are multiple columns in the ORDER BY clause, the sequence of the columns must be same as the index key’s definition.

So the ORDER BY clause in the above ESQL/C code should be modified to:

Create an index with then same sequence with NUM, DD, EE, FIRSTNAME Order by NUM, DD, EE, FIRSTNAME

To keep same sequence with the index key’s definition.


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