What cause the DB file and SDB corruption? (From DBMR 1854)

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2016-01-12 03:50

When this happens, it should not be DB engine's problem. In most case, DB file damage is caused by hardware and environments, for example: thunderbolt, suddenly power off, net device problem, OS fail, virus...

We never heard DBMaster SDB file corruption from users in the past. And if DBMaster DB file were damaged, user can send their DB file to us, we will check the problem on the data page or record and try to fix it.

Because hard disk may crash or corrupt, it's always important to backup their database. It’s also very important to ask user to always terminate their database properly. It's also better not to start db with new journal unless necessary. If user have abort transaction when terminate database, it's also better to start the database twice to ensure the database redo/undo operation has been done completely.

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